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Which Bird Are You?

Over the summer, I attended a Young Professionals event where keynote speaker and author, Merrick Rosenberg from Take Flight Learning discussed his book, "The Chameleon." He creates four "DISC" personalities and compares them to four types of

birds. DISC is an acronym for Dominance, Influence, Stabilizing and Cautious. Listening to Rosenberg's in-depth explanation of this model made the concepts much easier to understand and to apply them to real-world, real-life scenarios.

The overall idea is relatively easy to explain. The Owl is the typical "Type A" personality who is all about the bottom line. The Parrot is flamboyant and fun, full of

excitement and always has a smile on his or her face. The level of excitement in which something is discussed is as important to the parrot as the actual words being used. The Dove is the emotional bird and a good listener. The Dove focuses on feelings. When communicating with a dove, it's important that everyone is on the same page and concerns are addressed. Owls are inquisitive. They need to know the Who, What, Where, Why, When and How. Give them an Excel sheet with every detail and they are good to go!

The DISC profile personality is near and dear to my heart. My first professional

presentation was on this topic many years ago at an industry conference. "The

Chameleon" delves into these personality types and explores how we interact

in our daily communication.

For example, we learn how an eagle can best communicate with a dove. You get the

idea. In business and in life, it's critical to know ourselves and everyone we surround

ourselves with. To be successful, we must be like a chameleon and adapt to each

environment and each relationship. We must speak the language of our partners.

People encode and decode messages differently and according to Rosenberg, it

depends on which type of bird we identify with.

It's been nice to revisit this interesting topic. We at Forwarders List want to help you

make sure your animal kingdom is working as efficiently as possible! Give us a call to

discuss your bottom line and explain to us exactly why you are a satisfied customer or

not. Tell us how you feel and we will listen to address your concerns.

We adapt to our customers' needs-not collectively but individually. Every interaction

matters and is another opportunity for success for all of us.


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