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Our firm was initially focused on business development for law firms. We soon realized that other professionals were struggling with the same challenges as lawyers, from cash flow issues to lack of focus to ineffective marketing. We assembled a team of experts from various industries and disciplines and founded Grey Elephant Consulting.


Of course, we didn’t just pull the Grey Elephant name out of thin air. When we were kicking around names for our firm and discussing things that inspire us, our founder, Gary Tier, mentioned his son’s elephant-themed bedroom. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that the elephant represents everything that we wanted our firm to be.



Listening is the most important thing we do in life and business. If we’re going to help your grow, we need to listen so we can better understand your history, values, goals, concerns, strengths and weaknesses.



With an innate sense of direction and a deliberate pace, elephants never seem to be in a rush. Speed and agility are important at times, but it’s important to stay focused on a path for sustainable growth instead of chasing shiny new objects and quick profits.



Those massive, tree-trunk legs provide a foundation of stability and resilience. Every business must be built on strong pillars that can handle the ups and downs of running a business.



Instead of hunting and killing other animals to survive, elephants rely on a naturally abundant food supply. We believe the same principle should apply to achieving business success.



Tusks never stop growing. They’re multi-purpose tools used for digging, moving, lifting and even protection. Businesses grow by making the most of what they have, both in terms of assets and dollars, and standing their ground against the competition.


Of course, the phrase “elephant in the room” refers to an obvious problem or risk that nobody wants to touch. We get those obstacles out of the way so your business can grow. Let us show you how.


To schedule a consultation, call 609-751-1138 or email

Grey Elephant has been excellent in partnering with our firm to explore new areas of business development for our expanding practice. We truly enjoy our partnership with Gary and his team. Thank you for everything.


                       Todd G.

Golden Valley, MN





We Think Big. Very Big.

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