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Be a Leader, Not a Boss

There is an enormous difference between being a boss and being a leader. defines "boss" (as a verb) "to give orders in a domineering manner: order about/around; to impose one's will." "Leader" on the other hand, according to, is defined as "someone who uses effort toward achievement of the greater good...stems from influence, not authority or power."

Boss Leader

Managing Style

Takes credit Gives credit

Says "I" Says "we"

Relies on authority Relies on goodwill

Demands Coaches/Inspires

Uses ultimatums Generates enthusiasm

Needs Control Delegates with trust

Results first People first

Authoritative Invites feedback

Personal Characteristics

Indifferent Compassionate

Short term thinker Long term thinker

Values own opinion Values everyone's opinion

Exclusive Inclusive

Talks Listens

Opinionated Open Minded

Almost instantly, we can see how one style of management will yield better results than the other. Yes, on paper or on screen, it looks easy. But finding people with leadership qualities and creating an environment where people thrive is one of the most

challenging aspects of managing a workforce. We all want happy, loyal employees and customers who feel valued. But these qualities must exist on both sides of the equation.

At Forwarders List, we like to think we are humble, so thank you for indulging us when we use this platform to say that we practice good leadership skills. We are in business to cultivate relationships, which requires impeccable interpersonal skills. We are in it for the long-haul to help our customers for the long-term.

"The manager has a short-range view; the leader has a long-term perspective." - Warren Bennis


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