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It All Depends

The importance of perspective is underrated. It affects almost every aspect of our lives; yet, we don't take the time to realize there are different ways to look at the same thing.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as, "a particular way of considering something."

When interacting with customers and co-workers, we should always consider their

perspective. How can we solve problems if we don't understand different points of view or how someone else might see something? Too often, we are not able to understand

where another person is coming from. We see the situation only through our own eyes,

through our own frame of reference because it takes effort to see it any other way.

Do we realize that our perspective is merely one point of view? Ours!

In the law list business, we're often in the middle of the client-law firm relationship,

where we navigate and manage two or three perspectives on one issue. Most of the

time, it's a matter of stepping back and seeing all sides. We're proud to say that we're

good at facilitating productive discussions and solving problems. We take the time to

consider all perspectives.

The next time you're at odds with someone, take the time to think about his or her

perspective. Where is it coming from? Once we understand each other, we can help

each other. A video posted by The OpMarket ( at illustrates why perspective matters in both our

personal and professional lives.


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