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Making Cents of Change


verb \chanj\

:to become different

:to make (someone or something)different

:to become something else

Change as an idea in the modern business world elicits both fear and desire from business owners. Some businesses want to appear progressive and on trend, but their eagerness to embrace change can be ill timed resulting in a loss of valuable time, money, and credibility. Conversely, there are businesses that resist change and then are left behind for the younger and newer business model. Look around you at the next conference and it will likely be abundantly clear which side of the “change fence” the people you do business with favor.

The practice of law is steeped in tradition. They call it precedence. And that's not something to be messed with. But the practice of business requires flexibility. And that's not something to be messed with either. Change can be for better or worse. It’s often used as a major selling point and delivered as being purely positive. We are inundated with marketing messages that promise new results with a simple change. The challenge, however, is whether that result is sustainable and equal to the invest made.

The belief that changing a business every month in an attempt to reinvent the company is misguided. The message received by potential clients in that scenario is that the business is unclear of the direction it is headed. Additionally, it costs a ton to continuously test things out without a clear vision of what lies ahead. There’s a natural balance or amount of change that should take place in individuals and in businesses. Finding that balance can be delicate and is an art. So where's the balance? When should your business change? And what kind of change should it seriously invest in? Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we can share some insight with you as to whether the change you seek fits within the current business environment. At GEC, we love you exactly as you are and will change only what makes sense to you and your bottom line.

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