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A few years ago my brother, Jonathan, who lives 3,000 miles away on the West Coast, texted me a picture of him with a mustache and a very silly grin. If you know my brother, you’d know that something about the facial hair was a joke or a prank, or perhaps he lost a bet! It turns out he grew the mustache to participate in “Movember”.

The word itself, Movember, is a portmanteau of “moustache” and “November”. Movember is an annual event in which men grow facial hair during the month of November to raise awareness for men’s health issues. The business world is constantly talking about marketing and branding, the proverbial “thinking outside of the box” ways to bring attention to our services and causes. We’re saluting Movember as one of the most creative ways to raise awareness that we’ve seen in a very long time.

Some subjects are difficult to bring up in casual conversation, especially charitable causes because they often involve asking for money and most people are not comfortable doing so. Facial hair often sparks conversation and allows the person wearing it to share why they are growing it in a very easy and natural way.

The shift into the holiday season is here and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Let’s use this season to take care of ourselves and to help those in need. Maybe growing facial hair isn’t a viable way to bring attention to the important things in your life, but I encourage everyone to think of fun and creative ways to raise awareness for whatever matters most and enjoy spreading your message!

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