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Father Time is Undefeated

There is a great saying in sports that "Father Time is undefeated". It refers to the fact that no athlete, in any sport, has ever overcome what aging does to their body and their ability to perform at a high level. This is also true in life and in business. We can't defy time, but we have a choice as to how we live with the time we are given. Will we spend it working at the expense of our loved ones? Will we spend it on social media at the expense of being present? Will we spend the finite amount of time we are given focusing on the negative rather than appreciating all the positives around us?

My grandmother is nearly 87 years old and has a terminal illness. This Mother's Day will probably be her last. Like many large families, it's been difficult for my extended family to gather together on every special occasion because of work and family obligations, or differences in personalities. But, this year everyone did come together to celebrate my grandmother and she had a nice time being in the same room with all her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Everyone put differences aside and gave up a few hours for her. Now that's a beautiful use of time.

We often feel there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on our to-do list. There's always more work to do, more people to call back, or more plans to put into place in order to grow our businesses. Sometimes it may feel like we are never ahead of time. So, let's do something that we can control, let's use our time wisely. For work, tackle the quick and easy projects first, and everything else will fall into place. For home, set aside emotions that are preventing us from being present and in the moment, and appreciate the good in the people who share our space; after all, how many hours can a person spend being angry at someone else? This also applies to our businesses. Ask yourself whether old grudges further your business or is it actually holding you back?

Like our bodies and minds our businesses grow old, too. We may perfect many things over the years, but we also need to remain open to change to stay competitive. At Grey Elephant, we take pride in being current on industry trends and other matters that are important to our clients. We take care of business so you can devote your time to things that are most important in your lives.

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