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New Beginnings

Billions of people around the world celebrated the Lunar New Year in February and welcomed in The Year of the Monkey. In our home, we celebrate the Vietnamese version of the holiday, known as Tet. It is a holiday preceded by a number of rituals all tied to creating peace and harmony within the home to welcome the positive energies brought in by the new year. The evening proceeding Tet is a time for families to thoroughly clean the house and sweep away bad luck and ill fortune. Doors, doorways and windows are typically decorated in red because the color represents good fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity. Older family members give to younger family members red paper envelopes usually filled with money to symbolize the same ideals. The festival on the day Tet begins is a time to honor deities and ancestors, and special foods are prepared as offerings to aid the deities and ancestors in their journey in the after life. The traditions of the Lunar New Year is rooted in the belief that every year is an opportunity for a fresh start – new beginnings. If our businesses embraced this way of thinking, we may all see positive changes occur within our offices. For example, clearing out inefficiencies will make room for more profitable endeavors and bestowing on our friends and neighbors the gift of well wishes can lead to business opportunities. Not only would positive thinking and positive work be good for us in the business world, it’s good for us in general. If you need help in figuring out how to freshen up your business and find new opportunities, reach out to us. We have the energy you need.

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