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New Year, New Plans

Millions of people make New Year's Resolutions every year. The research on how many of us keep our resolutions and achieve our goals is all over the map. One thing that seems to be universally agreed upon, however, is that people who actually make resolutions are more likely to commit to their changes than those who just try and change. So, what does that mean for us in business? It means we need to make a plan, develop and maintain good habits, and keep at it. After a while, the 20% growth we seek won't seem so impossible. Reaching for the stars is admirable, but first we have to figure out what changes and steps are needed to get there.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at what billionaire Elon Musk is doing with his SpaceX company. The company aspires to develop a rocket that can be reused multiple times in order to reduce the costs of space exploration. Finding resources in outer space can potentially help us humans here on Earth. The problem that Musk and his company are trying to fix is the costs involved in this exploration, starting with rockets. If he can reduce the costs of the rockets, a lot more can be done for us to go to infinity and beyond. Musk's resolution probably exceeds what most of us resolve to do this year, but we can all share in his vision of skyrocketing our business goals.

At GEC, we can help you bring things back to Earth by managing your expectations, helping you set realistic goals, and developing good business habits. Let's take it one rocket ship at a time together. Here's to an explosive 2016!

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