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Out of the Mouth of Babes

While playing with his toys one day, my son suddenly exclaimed to everyone within earshot, “I love books!” Though he is not quite two years old yet he really meant what he said. Before he was even born, I was reading to him. I'm convinced this is the reason he loves books so much. He's the only 20 month old I've been around who prefers a quiet corner with a good book over anything else. As a publisher, this almost brings a tear to my eyes.

But, seriously, I love books too. And I love what I do related to the book we publish every year at Forwarders List

. We keep it simple in how we do things by focusing on what makes our business better every year. We invest in our team by making each interaction an opportunity to learn. In fact, one of our team members recently said she saw her future with us because of how much she is learning about business. Now, that feedback is almost as good as hearing my son tell me he loves books. Even better than her comment, though, are the ones we hear from our clients telling us how we set ourselves apart because of our ability to quickly and fairly resolve issues or that our never ending energy is what motivates our clients to also outwork their competition by working smarter and not harder. At Grey Elephant, we make it about customer service, about determination to learn every day, and about accessibility.

The summer is winding down and I haven't spent nearly as much time down the shore or barbecuing as I would have liked. But, like many of you who have school aged children, I'm looking forward to getting back to business and focusing on what will help you become successful because we want all of our clients to tell everyone within earshot that they love our book!

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