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BBQs, Beaches & Books

The three “Bs” of my summer this year were BBQs, beaches and books. There wasn’t as much time spent on the BBQ and beach as I’d like (there never is!), but there was plenty of time spent with books because that’s what my son loves to do and I’m thankful for it. If I could bottle up his energy and desire to listen and learn I would.

As the dog days of summer slip away and we shift gears into fall in a few weeks, let’s look at the next three letters (C, D & E) in the alphabet to helps us grow and improve our businesses.

For us, C is for Customer Service and it all starts with being available. We regularly hear that our ability to take care of issues for our clients right away is what sets us apart. We could be in our office or on another continent, either way we keep up with service issues on a daily basis. It’s worth noting that the quality of the service we provide is never compromised in order to give a customer what they need.

Determination comes next and there’s no substitute for it. Recently a member of our team told me “I love business, this is what I want to do and I know I’m going to learn and grow so much here.” Employee determination to learn, grow and be successful is what propels a business to succeed.

We finish our alphabetical journey with Energy. It’s hard to quantify or qualify, but it’s essential to identify and cultivate. It doesn’t matter how book smart we are or how much experience we have in the industry – those things can be overcome by a company who has the energy to outwork the competition.

We hope that you’ll join us in the never ending quest to be better. It sure beats spending time on the BBQ down at the beach. Wait a minute, did I just say that? Never mind - let’s all quit our jobs and go relax!

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