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Big or Small, America Has it All

Small businesses have long been central to American life. In fact, from the founding of the first colonies in the 1600s to the present day, small businesses have been integral to the economic, political, and cultural development of the United States. As big businesses began to falter as engines of economic growth in America in recent times, smaller companies have become the source for economic rejuvenation. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, since 1990, big businesses have eliminated over 4 million jobs while small businesses added 8 million jobs.

But, it's important we define what is considered small in America. If we use the Small Business Administration's definition, it would be a company that employs fewer than 500 employees, though the acceptable maximum number of employees may vary by industry group. However, nearly 80% of small businesses employ fewer than 10 employees. Regardless of the definition, which can be a moving target depending in the political climate, it's undeniable that small businesses have been vital to America's economic development and an even more important component to American culture.

The United States is known as having a business culture and the love affair Americans have with business has primarily been focused on the small business. When given a choice, most of us prefer to support our local mom and pop corner store or restaurant. From the time of Thomas Jefferson to the present, many Americans have seen the owners of small businesses as epitomizing all that is best about the American way of life. While we enjoy the efficiency and productivity of big business, we simultaneously revere small business owners for their self-reliance and independence.

At Grey Elephant, our client base runs the spectrum from big business to the small business, but we make no distinction when providing quality customer service. We support our clients based on their individual needs. For example, our big business clients seek us out for our compliance services; whereas, our small business clients have a greater need for marketing services. We have many loyal clients and are proud to have played an integral role in the growth of their companies.

America is truly a land of opportunity. Grey Elephant Consulting thanks you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your business.

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